Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation (MDMR) Program:

The School of Science and Technology of Bangladesh Open University is offering Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation (MDMR) program to upgrade the existing educational level of the graduate in health science in the country.

Program Aims and objectives:
  • To develop skilled human resources for services, education, policy and research in Disability Management Rehabilitation in Bangladesh.
  • To deliver local, regional, inter-professional and graduate programs.
  • To create a cadre of leaders capable of advancing education, research and practice in the field of disability management and rehabilitation in Bangladesh and SAARC region as well.
  • To build up social awareness through rehabilitation education and promotional activities directly to the stakeholders and their care givers.
  • To innovate new knowledge and establish new evidence through education and research.
  • Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation (MDMR) Program:
    Level Description
    Entry Criteria Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy/Disability Management/Occupational Therapy/Speech language Therapy medical Science/Biological Science/Health science with at least 50% mark of at least GPA 2.50 out of 4 form a recognized University and S.S.C and H.S.C/equivalent examination result GPA-6.5 with biology. S.S.C and H.S.C/equivalent examination result at least one first division or second division in S.S.C and H.S.C/equivalent examination with GPA-2.5 for B.SC in Nursing.
    Semester 4
    Semester duration 6 months
    Duration of the program 2 years
    Total Credit Hours 72 hours
    Number of Courses 18 Courses (Details in overleaf page)
    Medium of Instruction Medium of instruction of the Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation (MDMR) must be in English unless otherwise directed.
    1st Admission Time December (Approx.)
    Class Begins January (Approx.)
    Course Fees (Each Courses) Tk. 1,000 per credit plus other fees
    Registration Fee Tk. 1000.00
    Re-exam fees (Per course) Tk. 500.00
    Admission guide with form Tk. 1000.00

    The minimum duration of the program is two years. The students, however, have the flexibility of completing the program within five years from the date of registration.

    Tutorial Services (During semester, tutorial sessions for every offered course shall be conducted on specific Friday at the approved Study Center for the Program) :

  • Course Guideline.
  • Reference book.
  • SD card containing lectures of the courses.
  • Video lectures on YouTube, Face book and twitter.
  • Video programs transmitted through national TV/BOU TV.
  • Face-to-face class room supports at Study Center (BOU Campus, Dhaka and well reputed Rehabilitation Institutions of the country, such as CRP, Savar and other suitable institute).
  • Web based learning management system support.
  • Interactive virtual class supports.
  • Assignments, Practical.
  • Project work /Thesis/Dessertetian
  • Method of Evaluation
  • a) Formative assessment / Continuous Assessment
  • b) Summative assessment / Semester End Evaluation:
  • Class Attendance– 10 Marks
  • Two (02) Assignment - 20 Marks
  • Semester Final Examination – 50 Marks
  • Oral/Practical examination  20 Marks
  • Requirement for obtaining degree of Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation (MDMR)

    Requirement for successful completion of the program

  • Degree has to be awarded when a learner will pass semester final examinations along with at least 2.75 grade point in dissertation.
  • A learner must earn CGPA of 2.00 on a scale of 4.00 for obtaining Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation degree.
  • Types of Courses and Tentative Fees of the Program :
    Sl. Course Code Firs Year 1st Semester Course Name Apprx. Fees
    1 RRD 1141 Rehabilitation Reasoning & Decision Making
    2 EID 1142 Evaluation of Interventions in Disability
    3 MOD 1143 Measurement of Disability
    4 THD 1144 Theories of Rehabilitation Promotion, Disease & Disability Prevention