B.Sc. in Nursing (BSN) Program:

The School of Science and Technology of Bangladesh Open University is offering a post-basic B.Sc.-in-Nursing program to upgrade the existing educational level of the diploma holder nurses in the country. The main objective of this program is to provide higher level of professional education and training to the nurses in order to increase the effectiveness of human resource in the health sector.

Program Aims:
  • To provide higher educational opportunities to diploma holder nurses.
  • To develop clinical competence for quality assurance of nursing care services.
  • To develop teaching, management and research skills and abilities.
  • To provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • To improve the professional standing of the nurses in Bangladesh.
  • B Sc. in Nursing (BSN) Program:
    Level Graduation
    Entry Criteria Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery with 3 years Professional Experiences
    Semester 06
    Semester duration 6 months
    Class Duration 5 months
    Total Credit Hours 100 hours
    Minimum Duration 3 years
    Maximum Duration 6 years
    1st Admission Time December
    Class Begins January
    Course Fees (Each Courses) Tk. 870.00
    Registration Fee Tk. 100.00
    Re-exam fees (Per course) Tk. 300.00
    Admission guide with form Tk. 100.00

    The minimum duration of the program is three years. The students, however, have the flexibility of completing the program within six years from the date of registration.

    Program Information:

    B. Sc.-in-Nursing program is a 100 credits program having 6 Semesters with 15 theoretical and 11 practical courses. This program has been launched at April 2003 at 13 tutorial centers of 13 Medical College and Hospital attached Nursing Institute of Bangladesh.

    Courses included in BSN Program:
    Course Title Credits
    Communicative English 3
    Applied Science-I 3
    Practical Applied Science-I 3
    Behavioral Science-I 3
    English for Nurses 3
    Applied Science-II 3
    Practical applied Science-II 3
    Nutrition and Dietetics 3
    Practical Nutrition and Dietetics 3
    Behavioral Science-II 3
    Medical Surgical Nursing 4
    Practical Medical Surgical Nursing 8
    Psychiatry & Mental Health Nursing 2
    Practical Psychiatry & Mental Health Nursing 2
    Community Health Nursing 6
    Practical Community Health Nursing 6
    Maternal and Child Health Nursing 4
    Practical Maternal and Child Health Nursing 8
    Nursing Education 4
    Practical Nursing Education 8
    Introduction to Nursing Research & Statistics 3
    Practical Nursing Research & Statistics 3
    Nursing Administration & Management 3
    Practical Nursing Administration & Management 6
    Project in Senior focus Elective 3
    Total 100